Bypass Any Captcha with Death by Captcha

Are Captchas getting into your marketing objectives? Then by means of Death by Captcha, you can evade any Captcha from any internet site. All you have to do is put into operation their API, pass your Captchas to them and they will give you back the text. It is very easy! Death by Captcha is Captcha solving service. Death by captcha has been in the business for the past 5 years and hence has become one of the business pioneers in the market. Their groups of technical professionals and expert decoders have been together and built a system that is both amazingly quick and exceptionally accurate.

Features of Death by Captcha

  • A hard to believe low cost of $1.39 for every one thousand solved Captchas.
  • A crossbreed scheme created out of the most sophisticated OCR arrangement on the market
  • They have a 24/7 team of workers who are able to solve your Captchas.
  • They are able to provide 90% or more rate of accuracy with TAT of 15 seconds.
  • You need to pay only for correctly solved Captchas!
  • They provide APIs for the majority of the programming languages that is very easy to use.
  • Movement to Death by Captcha is made very easy by means of DeCaptcher and Anti-Captcha API backup.

Supported API Clients

The Death by Captcha API is

  • Perl
  • iMacros,
  • PHP
  • Python
  • .NET C# & VB
  • Java
  • AutoIt3
  • C, and others

How to Use Death by Captcha?

If you want to know how to use death by captcha then go through the following steps, as it is self-explanatory.

  • First of all register for an account in Death by Captcha.
  • After this verify your software Settings and look for ‘Captcha Settings’, ‘Captcha Services’ or ‘Captcha’. Once you find it, and then select DeathByCaptcha as your option for Captcha solving services and key in your username plus password.
  • Then you need to credit Death by Captcha account by buying packages for solving Captchas.
  • In Death by Captcha is not found in the software that you purchased then also you can utilize their services via the DeCaptcher/Antigate APIs.

Death by Captcha Imacros

The iMacro arrangement is a script lingo which can be utilized in nearly any web browser to computerize things. You can solve your captcha by means of death by captcha imacros. All you need to do is to:

Download the captcha – then transfer it to deathbycaptcha’s API – seize the outcome – at last paste it on the correct form.

To know more about Death by captcha, please log in to:

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